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At our company we've helped thousands of clients achieve the necessity of providing housing for their family by utilizing our Corporate Co-signing program. We specialize in providing property placement solutions to numerous clients from all walks of life, with no credit check. Our initial direction two decades ago was to become a company trusted by many; respected by all. We are proud to have exceeded all expectations and plans while placing each client in their ​desired home.

We specialize in coaching clients on focused decisions to get approvals for apartments with no credit check. This pertains to any credit situation. Our clientele base consists of the everyday American that can pay for housing yet is judged by uncontrolled circumstances in the past. With our co-signing technique we give you the chance to prove that your hardship has passed and brighter days are ahead. If you are looking for a solution and an immediate approval for your new home, then look no further! Apply now and we'll get you approved for a bad credit apartment of your choice in no time!


Our rates are competitive and are truly affordable. We assure that you will get the quality service that you deserve, delivered by our efficient and well-equipped team to help you get quickly approved for apartments with no credit check! What are you waiting for?


There are 4 simple steps to sign up for our Corporate leasing program. After meeting with the leasing consultant at the home of your choice, we need all pertinent information to ensure timely submittal of your application.

We will send you a link to fill out all the information needed to move forward with the process. This information includes the apartment complexes name, website address, who your toured with, the unit number etc. Once the application is submitted we will be in contact with you within 72 business hours in most cases to deliver the approval results. It is literally that simple!

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    Step 1

    Submit an application at our Apply Now tab.

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    Step 2

    Submit the form giving us the information on the property of your choice.

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    Step 3

    Give us 72 business hours to process the application.

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    Step 4

    Contact the complex and get your keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: What if I am denied for the apartment after signing up for your service?
Ans: We have never had a client denied for an apartment when using our service. In some instances, if a client fills out the application on their own, there were hold ups due to clerical errors on the client's behalf. In those situations we completed the application for the client and then received an approval. We will stick with you until you are approved for apartments that accept bad credit.

Que: Does everyone qualify for the program?
Ans: No. Clients that meet our requirements have a combined monthly house hold income of $2,800 monthly (gross). Even though this is a process to get you approved for a desired apartment with no credit check, there are some requirements in order to qualify. Criminal backgrounds such as felonies and misdemeanors are not accepted. Bankruptcies, judgements, tax liens, evictions etc. are NOT considered background issues. The previous examples are credit blemishes and are welcome in the program.

Que: How long does the process take?
Ans: As soon as you sign up we get starting working on your behalf right away! Due to the growing need for our program it takes 24 business hours to submit your application after initial sign up. If all documentation and information is provided at the time of sign up it depends on the apartment complex's procedure for processing applications. In most cases the process from start to finish takes about 72 business hours in total. About 45% of the time we receive an instant approval for the apartment with no credit check.

Que: What information is needed from the client?
Ans: To get started we will need your first name, last name, date of birth, state applying in and your email. The apartment complex will request, standardly, your last two paystubs. In some cases. leasing agents will require either the drivers license / ID number AND OR photo. This is required so the apartment community can verify your identity. We need all information in a timely manner so that we can ensure a timely approval.

Que: Will I have to pay a deposit to move into the apartment?
Ans: Normally, the complex will require less than 50% of the rent amount when approving our clients for apartments that accept bad credit. Then, you can move straight into a ready house or apartment as no credit check is needed. In instances where we have clients that choose luxury apartments, the class A complexes require a deposit equal to the first month's rent.

For Example, in a regular apartment complex if the rent is $1,000 monthly the deposit is usually less than $500. If you apply for a complex in Miami on Biscayne Bay and the rent is $3,000 the deposit will be closer to the first month's rent.

Que: Will the apartment complex still deny me with my tarnished credit?
Ans: No. When hiring our company your taking out the guess work. By the time clients come to us they have wasted on average $700 in application fees trying to get approved. Let us use our established business credit to ease the process of finding your new home.

Que: Am I able to apply to a complex that I have applied to before in the past?
Ans: No. We require that you choose another complex so that we can get you approved as soon as possible. We have learned from experience that it is best to just start from a clean slate versus re-applying.

Que: Does this process work with rental properties as well?
Ans: No. The requirements across the country to rent a stand alone home or town home are more strenuous than renting from an apartment. Most of our clients rent an apartment until they are able to come back to us and sign up for the credit repair program. This route will allow you to rent a home in the near future or more excitingly, purchase a home.

Que: What if this does not work?
Ans: There has never been a situation where we did not get a client approved. We work with our clients until they are in a home and satisfied with their outcome.

Que: How long have you all been in business?
Ans: We have been in business since 1999. With over two decades of experience in credit repair, financing and lending.

Que: Does the apartment complex need to know that I am using a corporate co-signer?
Ans: No. Once you tour the property and make a decision on where you want your new home to be, we take care of the rest. There is no need to do anything besides touring the property. You are hiring us to make the transition easier and that is what we intend to do.

Que: Does my significant/ roommate need to pay for the service as well?
Ans: No, we can have spouses, roommates and significant others added to the lease shortly after execution. This saves you from having to pay double fees.

Que: What if I do not make the required $2,800 monthly income?
Ans: The apartment complex needs to make sure that the house hold income is at least 2.5 times the rent and in some cases 3 times the rent. If you have a roommate, spouse or significant other that will be living in the apartment as well, mention that to your credit specialist to make sure we calculate the TRUE gross household income.

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